Composting of Kitchen WasTE

By, Anuj Majhi

Before going to our Kitchen let me tell you some interesting facts about what we are missing by not doing composting our Kitchen Waste. A normal person from a city generates about 700 gram of waste materials per day and something around 250 Kilogram in a year. We are just throwing it and not separating it into wet and dry waste which make it impossible to compost it. These waste materials can become black gold if we compost it with all the right procedure. If we talk about what municipal corporations are doing in this matter, we want to inform you that we are not getting that much value of what it really matters. As we are not separating our wet and dry waste municipal corporations are able to compost only 0.21 percent waste. So as you have seen that we are in huge loss and destroying our mother nature by just ignoring
a few simple steps.

So I think now you are wondering what is basically compost and composting that we are discussing previously. Compost is an organic material that has been decomposed in a process called composting.Compost is rich in nutrients. It is used, for example, in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, urban agriculture and organic farming. That is why it is now known as Black Gold. You can use this black gold in your garden and grow your plant with rich soil.Composting organism requires 4 basic conditions and those are –
Carbon – It looks like brown dry materials and it produces heat which provides energy to the plants.
Nitrogen – It helps carbon to grow more and their materials look green in color, such as fruit and vegetables.
Oxygen – It help in decomposition of waste materials
Water – Right amount of water has to be given for activity.
Okay now have a look at what type of waste material materials our kitchen produces. It includes cooked foods, leftovers, vegetable peels, fruit peels, tea bags, coffee extracts, egg shells, bones and tissue paper. For composting purposes we can also include garden waste like leaves, weeds and flowers. So there are lots of things that come from our kitchen and we can convert them into black gold.

So lets start composting, It is interesting to know that you have to look for any additional thing to make compost, what you really have to need is just small space in your balcony or garden. One most important thing that you have to know is that waste segregation is one of the important part of composting. If we don’t separate one waste from another then we can’t decompose them effectively and the composting process will be impossible. for that we have to make 2 separate dustbins. One for dry waste and other for wet one, the green is meant for wet wastes while the blue one is for dry waste. For our composting purpose we are gonna use 2 dustbins and one bag. One kitchen dustbin for organic waste, bag for the recyclables and another bin for other waste. We put recyclables like newspapers, bottles, cans, e waste and many other recyclables.

For the purpose of decomposition of waste we can use different types of containers. It can be Hoster, A Hoster is a 4 foot long earthen pot with multiple tiers. The main use is to transform biodegradable Kitchen waste into manure. It is made up of clay, with pores on each tier that act as catalysts for the decomposition., Mesh Composting Ward (Mesh composting is a process of making organic manure in an iron mesh which is customized as per the need of the consumers) or you can dig a pit (Pit composting is a method of converting biodegradable waste into organic manure using the action of microorganisms inside customized pits. The size and number of pits will vary as the amount of waste generated of an area differs) for composting purposes. It totally
depends upon you and your garden size, all of them are equally efficient for composting. If you are able to use any of this thing then you can just use a random container with some whole for the oxidising purpose.

After the separation procedure what you have to do is just put easily degradable items in a composting container and mix it in a period of 4 – 5 days. After completion of 20 days there will be huge chances that now our compost is fully ready to be used in our garden or a plant.
Things required to create compost –
● Hoster/Pot with holes to contain compost
● Dry Waste for Carbon
● Wet Waste for Nitrogen
● Rake to mix the compost

Points to remember –

  • Provide proper lighting to your compost.
  • Segregation process is a must for composting.
  • Mix it well periodically.
  • Use a breathable container for compost so that the process will be fast.
  • Don’t provide much water to compost and avoid using Indian dishes with gravy.
  • By making compost of your kitchen waste you help our mother nature to be more pure and healthy,
  • So here are some benefits –
    ● You create chemical free soil for your garden and plants.
    ● It helps in better restoration of underwater.
  • Minimizes order from gardens.
  • Improves the quality of your garden and loved by your plants.

So keep on saving our mother nature, Stay Healthy and Happy Composting!!

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