In this modern era and fast-moving world humans are changing rapidly. Over the years people are adopting  new technologies which have revolutionized the world and our daily lives but at the cost of neglecting the environment. We have become so busy and callous that we are unable to pay attention to important and consistent things that are a part of our daily lives such as waste management. The city of Delhi  alone produces a per capita domestic waste of 170g per day. But there some people who understand the  importance of individual waste management and are working on it. “Mr.SHARAD TYAGI” is one of such names which are worth mentioning.

Mr.SHARAD TYAGI has a great awareness of need for waste management and has been working  on individual waste management for the past 3 years.  His consistence reflects in the segregation and the composting that is well imbibed in his daily routine.  He enjoys in doing this for a better environment.  He believes waste management is extremely important on an individual level, even if it is seen as insignificant by others.

In his journey, he has faced only minor issues which have been solved through assistance from various quarters. One of these issues was a possible bad smell, but it has been dealt with.

“ When I tried to to convince well-established families to start composting,  I received negative reactions. Their main concern is cost despite the fact that waste management involves minimum cost. They  react with  hostility when they realize that they would have to  spend few hundred  bucks to help the environment.” Mr.SHARAD TYAGI tells HARA JEEVAN.

 He expressed that we are now in the need of the hour to start working on the root level so as to actually make an impact on the environment.

“ Waste management is  the responsibility of each person and  proper training should be   imparted to each individual right from childhood, preferably as a part of the  school curriculum. “Both finance and environment are not given sufficient importance in the education system.” says Mr.SHARAD TYAGI

His current  emphasis is on minimal usage of poly-thenes and his future plans include composting and segregation of the same.Currently, he is focussing on these issues only.

Mr.SHARAD TYAGI has done an excellent work in the last few years and even though   he has faced a few hurdles in the process, he is consistently working towards his goal of segregation and composting  of waste.