Let’s dig out the problem of waste

Waste has become a major problem in today’s world. The reasons being the increasing population and uncontrollable resource utilisation. What the world see’s today is just a glimpse of an unimaginable threat to mother earth.

To solve this problem we at ‘Hara Jeevan’ promote waste management by different methods out of which Pit Composting is a easier one.

Compost (popularly known as ‘Khaad’) is made up of organic waste and serves as a nutritious food for the trees. The activity of microorganisms causes decomposition which leads to food for trees.

If you live in a place where you have land and digging pit is not a problem: Pit Composting is best for you. In this method we dig a pit of suitable dimensions and make the walls tough by using construction material like bricks, cement, etc. When the pit is ready all you need to do is fill the pit with the organic waste that you produce daily. The waste includes everything that can be degraded or decomposed by microbes. Be it kitchen waste (green waste) like vegetable peels, leftover food, tea/coffee remains or garden waste (brown waste) like dry leaves, dry flowers, small twigs, etc. Apart from filling the pit, mixing of the waste in the pit is also required which can be done on alternate day basis. If not mixed properly the degradation can lead to anaerobic composting which will release methane gas. Methane is a greenhouse gas and is volatile in nature. Moisture is needed for the survival of the microbes therefore it is important that water supply is given to the pit.

Moisture, organic waste and a bit of warmth will give you your compost within 40-60 days. But we recommend the use of EM (Effective Microbe) solution. This solution if added leads to huge colonies of microorganisms in the pit causing damage faster. Which makes the harvest of your manure ready in lesser time.

Pit composting is an effective way as we have tried it out ourselves at different places. This is how you can set an example of effective waste management to different people in your city and contribute towards a better environment around yourselves.

Hara Jeevan Sets Pit Composting Example in South Delhi.