Nature Walk

All around us, we see it everyday,but hardly observe it. Ever since the dawn of time we were gifted with its presence. A walk with nature is all that one needs as a reminder of their duties towards this life. You get the opportunity to connect with nature which we rarely do in today’s work life.

Imagine a fish without water, can it survive ? Now, imagine the world without trees, can we survive ?

We get to know more about the species and their tendencies, the facts, activities, their role in life. A walk in nature can give you the small dose of wilderness you need to freshen your spirits. Its an ideal place to appreciate nature’s tranquility and subtle gifts. In lifetime you will hear people talking of going to the beautiful green hill stations. They do so as they miss that in such busy cities and towns. And that is why Hara Jeevan has come up with creating a green city itself, so there will be no need to go to the other places,you will get it around you. This initiative by Hara Jeevan will certainly help us tune with nature.