Species Extinction and Wildlife Conservation

Dodo, Spix’s Macaw, Sumatran Rhino, ever heard these names? Even if they exist, they exist in extinction list only. These species are no more, they all have died, and rather, they are murdered.

There is a dire need of animal protection these days by the seeing the pattern and rate of animal extinction. Not that they are only important for but also because they are part of the ecosystem that forms the food chain. Directly or indirectly they help us. Not to mention the fact how dependent we are on these voiceless animals. They provide edibles; carry loads; carry us; all the leather items and basic accessories are made from their body parts only. People treat them as a source of entertainment by keeping them in cage, by keeping them in zoo; they are used in sports and circuses. These animalsare voiceless but they still have a voice.

Animal cruelty has gone too far, even farther than the limits of horizon. There are some unsound minded people out there who still endorse poaching and hunting and contribute their part too. They don’t realize the harm which they are causing to the environment or in the society. They are reckless and careless.And we are an equal contributor in that by not raising a voice against them; by not boycotting products obtained by exploiting animals, we watch and move on. Our reaction remains nonchalant.

It doesn’t end here, studies says that genetic manipulation causes diseases in species like 90% of the times, cocks are killed once they are of no use, over 115 million animals are killed for laboratory and cosmetic purposes each year. If specifically talking about wild animals, they are forcefully kept in unwanted environment; they are killed once seen on road which used to be forest or their own home. And why they are killed? They are killed because of human greed, for their skin, horns, teeth, claws and the list is never ending. Animals are ill-treated like they are objects as if they don’t have any value or dignity.

There is nothing that could replace the damage caused to them. Bandages are not going to fix the holes caused by the bullets. Nor they are bulletproof so that they can protect themselves.

But there are solutions too. There is a need to increase the number of Wildlife Sanctuaries in the world along with National Parks. Strict laws must be made against hunters and poachers and must be implemented properly. Either there must be a ban on zoo or a zoo must be converted to a comfortable home for animals.Government must add such topics in educations books and make compulsory for everyone to study not just a mere syllabus.

We ought to do our part too. We can create awareness as much as we can through social media like Facebook, Instagram; print media like newspapers and magazines; broadcasting media like radio and television or just by discussion even. We can make posters, shout slogans, make a campaign etc. It’s the need of the hour. So what are we waiting for? Let’s wake up the beast in us and make the dead alive!