Three Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Whosoever started the 3R principle started it with a good cause that can apply almost everywhere. It benefits the environment and environment, in turn, benefits us. Following are the ways that can help practically applying the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle principle.


  1. Use least amount of packaged products: Utilizeproducts that have got less packaging, less use of cellophane tape and other coverings. Use notebooks with thin pages and fewer margins; avoid using and wasting papers for fun. Searchalternatives for plastic bags like a cloth bag.
  2. Maximize the use of existing products: Don’t throw away the items without using completely, read instructions and optimize the product up to full extent. Consume food items completely; wear clothes till they are exhausted; use metallic products till it becomes toxic; use more durable products, etc.
  3. Share things instead of buying individually:If there’s a need to buy two packets of chips then buy one with more quantity; buy books that are second hand; use old clothes as mop.Buy products as an aggregation and in bulk; use emails in the place of bulletin boards/notices; at school or office, make two-sided copies.


  1. Use items that can be refilled:Wield pens that can be refilled; reusable plastic bottles; use same foil wrapper two times; avail oneself of menstrual cup instead of sanitary napkins; use solar power in the place of one time use battery; use ceramics rather than plastics.
  2. Repair items instead of buying new one: If a toy breaks, repair it if you can; learn new skills and buy tools to help yourself, do not become a frequent buyer of every small thing. If some accessory breaks, fix it and rejoin it; make the use of ball bearings and frictionless materials to avoid wear and tear.
  3. Donate old items instead of throwing it away:If your books are of no use, donate it instead of burning it or throwing it; you can give old clothes to your maid who’s in need or make something out of it. In case you no longer have interest in something that you bought earlier then give to someone else who want it rather than wasting it.


  1. Adapt good habits of recycling:Throw recyclable items in recycle bin only, separate the waste to make the task easier.  Read the instructions carefully while buying. Buy biodegradable items as much as you can. Adopt the practice of vermi-composting. Use natural fertilizers rather than harmful chemicals.
  2. Dispose electronic waste carefully: Handle electronic waste carefully. Old bulbs, mobile phones, gadgets, motherboard and parts, dead batteries, no matter how harmless it may seem, seek electronic dustbins only. If you do not have the proper knowledge then read guidelines about it.
  3. Try to recycle items on your own: If you can recycle paper, then go for it, make fancy stuffs out of it. Utilize old and clean tetra packs, cans and bottles to store items. Use induction cooker instead of fire. Every time you visit market, keep in mind to buy eco-friendly products.

It’s safe to say that above measures are useful as well as beneficial for us and our mother nature. Encourage people and adopt it yourself too…