A safe environment is the one free from Environmental Risks!!!

Credits: Tehran Times

Environmental Safety is a practice that must be followed:

To build up a safe environment for all the creatures on this planet is a very responsible task to do. To protect the environment for the future generation is in our hands.

Environmental safety is basically the implementation of actions and efforts should be taken by the business organizations to make it sure that their activities do not pose any harm to the environment. The term includes all the aspects that can contribute to the creation of a safe environment.

When factories are established, it is well known that the wastes they will be producing will eventually make the environment dirty.. Hence, it is the need of the factory to come up with such innovations that do not create adverse impacts on our environment which will further enhance the concept of Sustainable development. 

Plantation of trees, reduction of waste, use of natural resources efficiently, etc are some of the major practices that can help to build up a safe environment.

The concept of a healthy and safe environment is very important as every life on earth is related to the life of the earth. This implies healthy earth will lead to healthy lives on the planet. 

While considering the environmental safety, one needs to be observant and careful enough to foresee the dangers that one wrong step might do on the environment.

Environmental Risk should be minimized to achieve the goal of a healthy environment:

In Contrast, Environmental Risks are all those phenomenon and aspects that pose danger to the environment either in the short run or long run. It is the actual threat and the potential adverse effects that happen on the lives on earth due to various harmful emissions, wastage, exploitation of nature’s wealth in an unplanned manner, etc.

The rapid increase in various kinds of viruses we have encountered over the decades is squawking the degradations of the environment and cautioning us about the unhealthy environment which is a result of our actions. 

Pollutions and Environmental degradations do not know any boundaries. The one who can set the boundaries to this are us and it must be our first priority to save our environment before it is too late.

We all are well aware of the facts that rapid industrialization and advancements in technology is somewhere creating an adverse impact on the environment. A bit of impact is okay but many times the concept of sustainable development is overlooked which has created this degradation. 

We all know what is the amount of pollution at present on Earth. Scientists and Experts are constantly warning us about the forthcoming dangers. 

Many organizations are working hard to decrease Environmental risks and to create a healthy environment.

Now, it is in our hands to decrease the risk involving factors in the environment and to increase the health of it so that we can build up a healthy environment which will eventually lead to healthy us.