Energy sources are Degrading our precious Environment! The constant use of energy resources are hazardous!

Credits: Earth Eclipse

The two words ‘Environment’ and ‘Energy’ both start with the alphabet ‘E’. Coincidentally, the two are even related to life on Earth and are major aspects for the lives of humans.But the two words do not create harmony with each other, the more use of energy degrades the environment more. Well, this article is to explain to you about the hazardous impacts of Energy on our precious environment. 

We all are very well aware of the degradation of our nature day by day due to us, as well as other factors related to the environment. The environment is changing drastically and now it is not at a negligible rate. Instead, it is faster than the previous time. In the old era, hundreds of years ago, the temperature change was happening but it was negligible so was ignored. But now, the table has turned. Things are not the same. The rate at which the environment is changing is visible every year. And this adverse changes in our environment is somewhere contributed by the use of energy resources by us, humans, on our daily life for our own sake of comfort. 

The energy sources and the environment are very closely tied into a thread. The production, consumption of energy definitely create a significant impact on the environment which is definitely not a positive one; a negative one. The use of energy sources directly leads to various types of pollution which include, water pollution, land pollution, thermal pollution, solid disposal waste, and the most important air pollution. The pollution that is taking the lives of millions per year is the results of our own work. 

Coal mining, Petroleum production, all these contributes to the degradation of our environment. When petrol is brought out from the crust, its particles either split on the ground or swims in water which leads to pollution and destroys our nature. This practice is being done since ages, so it is very hard for us, humans, to change the practices, but it has been the time to do something to reduce the adverse effects of these energy sources and to switch to those energy sources that have a lesser negative impact on the environment. One such example is solar energy which is being adapted by us for various purposes instead of these excess harmful energy sources. Wind Energy can also be a good source to create energy. 

Coal mining also leads to water pollution. It even pollutes the groundwater. It also creates a lot of eradication of earth’s soil along with coal. Solid wastes are also a result of the energy resources.

One of the major energy resources which we use in our daily life includes fossil fuels which emit those gases that proved to be a catastrophe for our environment. These fossil fuels have been in use since ages. Their combustion leads to the creation of air pollutants that eventually leads to air pollution. The use of it leads to climate change in the long run and we are witnessing it. Burning these fuels emits harmful gases like methane, carbon dioxide and many more which in turn increases the proportion of Greenhouse gases in our atmosphere eventually leading to global warming.

The terms like Global Warming, Climate Change, might not seem for everyone to be very dangerous, but if you know what are the eventual impact of these a few letter words, you will definitely be concerned in bringing these in control to save at least our planet earth which let us stay on its land and use its water. The earth that gives us air to breathe, food to eat, let’s protect it by trying to use lesser energy source.