Is Environmental Education we are receiving lacking somewhere? Where’s the problem lies with the educations related to Environment?

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The knowledge of Environment and crucial things related to it is a must to know concepts in today’s world where our planet is suffering at extreme levels and the natural resources are deteriorating day by day. But, are these books on Environmental Education beneficial? Even if every student is taught about Environmental issues from a very young age, why the condition of Earth is degrading simultaneously. Scroll down to know what’s the matter!

What is lacking in the Environmental Education?

The children are taught about the importance of Environment and the necessity of protecting it since their primary classes. Yet, all these teachings are not proving to be helpful in protecting the environment that people are being taught since childhoods.

Well, if we analyze there are many problems that hold back the Environmental Education.

The Misleading Information in the textbook:

Well, most of the textbooks we have read about the environment are based on the environmental movements and tells us only one side of the story. 

The textbooks mainly cover the sufferings of the environments and never shows the scientific knowledge which is helpful and important at the same time as the knowledge of Environment. The textbooks are set in such a manner as if they are preparing the children for a predetermined goal. Many concepts mentioned in the textbooks are not always the best option when it comes to protecting the environment. Facts or Myths like ‘Pesticides are always bad’, ‘Recycling is always the best option’ and many more. 

The books are set in such a way that they compel children to do all those things that are mentioned in the books and to force their parents to do so like recycling the things always despite the cost. 

It is not like the books are always giving misleading information, they create a sense of awareness among the children to think about nature and our surroundings. It helps students to know the problems related to things.

Too much Pressure of Exam:

At present times, students have a huge burden of the syllabus to cover up. Meanwhile, the pressure of environmental education eventually leads them to mug up things mentioned in their textbooks and to eventually overlook the importance of what is being written there.

Lack of Practical Experience:

The children are not exposed to practical fields to gain the real sense of environment and environmental problems, hence, they only know what’s there in the book. And most of them have no idea about anything except what the news channels and people’s words like ‘Pollution are Increasing which is harmful to the planet’.

Lack of Investment in Environmental Education:

Adequate amount of investment is not done when it comes to Environmental Education which holds it back. Also, due to the focus on other fields, the importance of Environmental Education has vanished somewhere.

Aforementioned is a very few problems related to Environmental Education in Today’s world. However, with a little focus, we can bring out a big change in this field.