Is it possible to reinforce the Ozone Layer??? Click to know!

The layer above the one we breathe, Stratosphere, contains the thin layer of Ozone. The gas which protects lives on earth from the harmful radiations blazing out from the sun. Ozone layer does not allow the harmful ultraviolet rays to enter the earth and protects us from these radiations which are capable of causing skin cancer, cataracts, and many other fatal diseases. The gas Ozone protects us from the sun by interacting with the light rays coming out from the sun. The process through which it does so is known asthe ozone-oxygen cycle. In this process, when the ultraviolet rays come in contact with oxygen molecules (O2) in the Stratosphere, it splits the molecules into two separate atoms of Oxygen (O). Now, when this atom meets another atom molecule it forms ozone (O3). The ultraviolet also performs the vice-versa process i.e. breaking the ozone back into an oxygen atom and an oxygen molecule. However, this balanced process can sometimes be affected by the seasons and other events like volcanic eruptions.

However, scientists have noticed that this balance in the ozone-oxygen process has been ruined due to human activities. Unfortunately, due to pollution and other factors, this layer is depleting. Scientists have encountered holes in the ozone player from which the horrifying ultraviolet rays can directly enter the earth. This thinning of the Ozone layer is encountered at Antarctica. This hole is in a part of the lower atmosphere called “OH shield”. Its length is several thousand kilometres. As the polar vortex and polar stratospheric clouds exist only over Antarctica, the hole exists there and is not at other places. But it is growing day bu day which is thinning the layer over the rest of the earth.

Now, it is the major question of whether this layer can be covered up or not. Unfortunately, this is not something which is practically possible as it will need too much energy. Most of the work is done by the sun in the atmosphere. Besides, ozone is a pollutant at the ground level, so it is not possible for us to produce ozone.

However, there is only one solution at present and that is ban in the production of the ozone-depleting molecules. Scientists have speculated if the production of ozone-depleting compounds will be completely closed, it might take fifty years for the ozone layer to cover up the hole.

However, scientists are working and doing researches in ways to reinforcing the ozone layer.