People should have access to public transport everywhere!

Public Transport, the term we all are familiar with and is a significant part of a middle-class person’s life. Buses have become a part of that busy and ugly traffic. Many of us have travelled via public transport, either it is on regular basis or on a rare basis. There are various benefits of using public transport along with environmental benefits.

Using public transport not only helps in reducing the traffic on the roads and creates lesser pollution.

There are innumerous benefits of using a means of public transport. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

Financial Benefits: Not everyone can afford to buy luxurious cars or even a normal passenger car. But with the availability of public transport, they can afford to go to their destinations without buying a car or any other vehicle.

Reduction in traffic: Using public transport helps in reduction of the traffic. If most people decide to use public transport then it will reduce the number of private vehicles on the road eventually leading to less traffic.

Reduction in air pollution: The use of public transport helps to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air. This can be understood with a small example like when ten people travel by bus it produces only an amount of carbon dioxide produced by the bus. But if all the ten people use their individual cars, imagine, the increase in the amount of pollution it will produce.

Reduction in use of the fuel: Take the before example, if ten cars are running on the road, the amount of fuel used by them will definitely be more than the use of a single bus.

Aforementioned are a very few beneficiaries of public transports are mentioned.

Public transport should be used in the places of high traffic where it will help to combat traffic. Mostly, public transport has environmental benefits.

The places where there are less place and a huge buzz, people should start using public transport. It will help reduction in traffic and the drivers of private cars do not need to wait for so long in those irritating traffic stuck between the horns that haunt ears.

Using public transport in those places helps in the revival of the environment.

To maintain a green environment around, it is important to reduce the number of cars running on the road. We must try to use public transport as it helps in the reduction of many cars running on the roads and saves fuel which results in less pollution.

Public transport should be also used in economically backward places. It will help people to travel; especially those who cannot afford cars or any other private vehicle. This will serve as a great means of economic help for those.

However, not everywhere, public transport can be used. Places where the road facility is not suitable; like the hilly areas, this is not easy to give people the facility of public transport. But it is not exactly that at those places public transports are not available. Though not in sufficient amount public transport is available almost everywhere people reside.

Using a means of public transport is always a better choice if you are a nature considerate person.