The Interaction of Society and Nature as a System

We as a society interact with nature and together we form a paramount ecosystem. We are dependent on each other for our survival. In fact we humans are more vulnerable and insecure when it comes to our existence and sustainability.

We get everything from our surroundings only, like, water, air and food for our growth; timber, soil and other raw materials for shelter and other basic things. Almost all the complex compounds are made from simpler elements that we often see in this modern world; all the activities including mining, quarrying, fishing, agriculture comes from environment only. It’s a kind of mutual relationship between us and Mother Nature.

There is a need to understand that both nature and we are in a complex adaptive system which exists because of years of evolutionary processes and reactions. Though we humans are exploiting nature and its beneficiaries, nature still bounce back the same. What we give is what we get in return. There are practical examples too. A toxic water body returns as toxicity in food chain and river/sea/ocean itself; garbage that we throw recklessly, comes back to us; deforestation is the major cause of global warming; too much of chlorofluorocarbon is causing hole in ozone layer which is now the very first reason for various skin diseases and fatal diseases like cancer too; presence of excessive amount of carbon dioxide and other gaseous substances in air is causing pollution which is ultimately affecting us. These are some of the impacts that we face for misusing and taking granted what is given to us by nature. And there is a need to change this attitude.

Harming environment not only affects nature or us, it affects the whole ecosystem. Why is it that some ecosystem gets destroyed? Why is it that plenty of species are extinct or are on a verge of extinction? Why we get surprised when we see a rare flora or fauna which wasn’t the case till the last century? Why is it rare on the first place itself? The one and only reason is us and us only.

Interacting less and less with nature can destroy the interrelation and interdependency, which in turn, will create a major impact on all of us. A time would when nature will become evil instead of a friend and that too savagely. We will beg for kindness, so don’t let this day come. Take some actions now, understand the mutual bonding of us with environment; tell people about the pros and cons; respect it as much as you can.

This system can only sustain if we agree to give and take equal benefits from nature; if we respect the one who’s feeding us; if we simply return sincerely what we have taken; if we repair and mend the damage that we have caused to nature. It doesn’t matter nature can replenish itself after some time; we must do our part as rate of replenishment is much lower that rate of destruction. The world would be a better place if we follow the above conditions.