What are GREEN BUILDING? Are they Environment Friendly?

Image Source: Conserve Energy Future

The term Green Building is very ecological and just by reading the term you might have assumed what Green Buildings are. Well, let’s check it out whether your assumptions are correct. 

Green building are those buildings that do not create adverse effects on nature, instead, it preserves it and create a positive impact on our Earth’s environment. A Green Building saves precious natural resources and creates a healthy environment for our living.

At present, Green buildings are promoted across the world as it helps to balance sustainable development as these are very environment friendly. Any house, school, office building can be a Green Building if it has the features of a Green Building that is mainly environmental friendly. Different countries have different approaches and structures of Green Buildings depending on various factors like its demographic, climate, etc.

Even in India the Green Housing is being promoted and are growing. This becomes very clear after the recent report launched by HDFC bank in late December, 2020, which says that their retail loans for green housing have crossed 14,000 crores. This is apparently explaining how people are becoming aware of the Green Housing. The bank also shared its further plans to promote Green Housing and make people aware of of it by providing financial aid. Green Buildings are great ways to promote sustainable development and to protect our Planet Earth