Fast and the Fruitious!

Fast-growing trees meanit will produce fruit in the first year of planting .Trees that are easily fruited without the use of heavy fertilizers are mostly considered by the people to grow in their home.


Guava trees are propagated by seeds, branch cutting, and grafting. Guava trees grow very fast when they are properly cared for. It needs full sun and it can’t withstand too much heat. The new leaves of guava start growing from the spring. Fruits mature in 2-4 months after the flowers bloom.


It is commonly called as naval.  Summer, it is the season for Jamun in India. These fruits require well-drained soil, dryer temperature, sunny spot, a large amount of water for better cultivation .You can propagate it from the seeds of the fruit .The fruit has various antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties.


Papaya is considered as a fast-growing tree .Papaya trees bloom throughout the year. there should be a constant supply of fruits. Depending on the condition, a single papaya tree gives 30 to 150 fruits per year.


The banana tree takes 3 to 6 months to grow. It is cultivated from spring season to the summer. Banana is a cluster type fruit that grows in a single stalk .Each stem will produce only one bunch of bananas . After this it can be cut off and allow new stems to grow. 



The pomegranate tree grows within five to seven months. It needs a full sun. The more sun the tree gets, the more fruits it will get. It should be watered every 10 days. pomegranate has a storage capacity of about 7 months.

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