• State geography : Madhya Pradesh 
  • Landscape of Kuno National Park
  • Ecology
  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Kuno, India’s second home for the Asiatic lion, is ready

Madhya Pradesh

  • Transitional area between the Indo-Gangetic Plain in the north and the Deccan plateau in the south.
  • Important rivers in M.P : the Narmada, the Tapti (Tapi), the Mahanadi, and the Wainganga 
  • M.P is home to 10 National Parks.

Kono National Park - Landscape

  • Kuno National Park is a protected area in M.P that received the status of national park in 2018.
  • Area of 748.8 km2
  • It was also known as Kuno-Palpur Wildlife
  • It is in the Khathiar-Gir dry deciduous forests ecoregion.
  • Aimed at establishing a second lion population in India.


  • The forest of Kuno is classified as a northern, tropical, dry, deciduous forest.
  • The Kuno River is the main tributaries of the Chambal River.
  • It flows through the Kuno National Park from south to north.
  • Edaphic Climax, 123 species of trees
  • Dominated by species such as Kardhai, khair,
  • Salai and Savannah woodland


  • The vegetation includes Anogeissus pendula forest ,Boswellia and Butea forest, dry savanna forest and grassland and tropical riverine forest

  • Tree species :Acacia catechu, Salai Boswellia serrata, Palash Butea monosperma, etc.

  • Shrub species:Grewia flavescens, Helicteres isora, Hopbush viscosa, Vitex negundo


  • The main predators are Indian leopard, jungle cat, sloth bear, dhole, Indian wolf, golden jackal, striped hyena and Bengal fox.

    o Honey badger, Indian grey mongoose,Indian white-backed vulture, red-headed vulture, Egyptian vulture, Steppe eagle.

    o Reptiles present include mugger crocodile, Gharial, Bengal monitor and Indian softshell turtle.

Kono, India’s second home for the Asiatic lion, is ready

  • Asiatic lions of Gir forest are the most threatened populations .
  • To prevent extinction in a single habitat due to natural disasters, epidemics.
  • The reintroduction concept has been developed to ensure long-term survival of the species.
  • Geographically, Kuno also features the same kind of semi-arid vegetation as in Gir 
  • The introduction of lions is happening 29 years after it was first proposed.
  • In April 2013, the apex court in a judgment directed that the lions be translocated to Kuno-Palpur in MP.
  • There are some positive signs in the much delayed reintroduction of Asiatic Lion in Kuno from Gujarat.
  • The Gujarat government’s wildlife department has conveyed that “if all the guidelines and 33 studies as mandated by IUCN are followed. Gujarat does not have any issue in translocation of lions from Gir national park to Kuno sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh”.


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