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It brings me a lot of surprise as to how people have induced insensitivity towards the creator! By creator, I refer to the nature.

“The just truth of mortality of life should not be the 'excuse' for a selfish or greedy attitude. Instead it should be the 'reason' for a bestowing one! “

Simply put, we have not inherited this planet from our forefathers, instead we have borrowed it from our successors. From the depleting ozone layer, to the aquatic animals dying due to water bodies contaminating, it is our infectious attitude, which is to be put to blame. Playing the blame game and jeopardizing the administrative authorities to blame, is always our discussion over morning tea. However, it is the same tea lovers, who fail to contribute their bit towards the cause. The planet is dying! We are exploiting our home, exponentially. There is an utmost need for the census to understand the problem and re-direct our thoughts and actions in order to sustain life, for now and for the future!

“No critic ever changed the world”

We have had enough of criticizing and dragging environmental issues into political incapabilities. It is the long awaiting duty of each and every citizen of this planet, to contribute their part, if not financially, then by bringing about a positive change in the attitude towards the environment. We have reached at a point when people need to understand, that if we continue to act the same way, we shall not even be left with a place that shall sustain life. There is no virtual world, outside ours, that shall extend help, upon further exploitation. I suggest people to spend a complete day without water, and it is then, that they shall realize the essence of life, how important natural resources are, which nature provides, that too in abundance. Stop taking them for granted!

“Better late than never”.

So, from this very moment, we should start working towards cleaning and greening our planet. This is possible through categorized yet planned actions. It is high time we realize our duties and spread a word from one to the other that we need to protect our planet. Making viable use of the various programmes and campaigns, we must spread awareness and educate people about what the current scenario demands! And we shall bring the nature to its original beauty...