Mesh Composting

So you have a beautiful personal garden or an amazing community park but what irritates you is the heaps of withered leaves that you notice almost everyday. This situation can be a drastic fail for your garden/park. What solution do you have for it? Burning of leaves? Or disposal of agro waste to the landfill? A big NO! These are not solutions but causes of pollution or I should say causes of the SMOG we all recently witnessed.


We at Hara Jeevan make compost of your agro waste, in your land and presence, keeping in mind that the beauty of your garden/park is undisturbed.

Mesh Composting is an Ideal Model for composting agricultural waste.

Contribute to the environment and the SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN.
Let's do our bit to make DELHI CLEANER AND GREENER.

Frequently asked questions:

Mesh composting is a process of making organic manure in an iron mesh which is customized as per the need of the consumers.

Cost effective and high output model
Aerated design
Compost can be used in park, near by houses or sold
Least emission of greenhouse gasses
Replacement of dumping grounds in parks
Easy to install and maintain
Add Aesthetic sense to your park
Self sustainable cycle for a park/lawns and gardens

Customized Mesh - made of iron/bamboo in cylindrical/cuboidal in shape
Best fit for agri/park waste
Rake/shovel - for mixing. Gunny sacks - for collecting and transporting compost. Sieve - for sieving compost.
Effective microorganisms (EM) solution to aid the process of decomposition and keep the waste free of flies and odour

Add shredded waste to the Mesh
Mix it with EM Solution and add water it twice a week

20% of compost is generated from original waste added to the Mesh
The process shall take 4-5 months for the compost to mature
Harvest the compost by sieving it