Pit Composting

Make a new Sunday ritual, bring your food waste of the week to the nearby composting pit—this will enable you to cut your garbage volume almost in half. Since we all eat lot of fruits and vegetables, our garbage generate an incredible potential waste resource. All that is needed to be done is its well maintained processing which is easy and handy.


The nature's law says -‘everything that is degradable should be deteriorated back to soil’ and to follow this law and reduce pollution we have designed pit composting models for different areas.

Contribute to the environment and the SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN.
Let's do our bit to make DELHI CLEANER AND GREENER.

Frequently asked questions:

Pit composting is a method of converting biodegradable waste into organic manure using the action of microorganisms inside customized pits. The size and number of pits will vary as the amount of waste generated of an area differs

Cost effective method
Easy to handle
No transportation of your waste, so again you are reducing carbon footprints (co2 emission)
Drastically reducing landfill size
Sustainable cycle of waste / management
Exemplary model for RWA/Schools/Companies - motivates others to follow

Customized pits - sides with concrete, base of loose gravel
Best fit for both biodegradable kitchen and shredded agri waste
Shovel/rake, jute sacks, tarpaulin sheet, bucket, sieve etc
Effective microorganisms (EM) solution to aid the process of decomposition and keep the waste free of flies and odour

Segregation of waste at source
Garbage collector pick waste and put in pits and mix it with EM Solution
If required, agri waste is shredded

20-25% of compost is generated from original waste
Compost ready within 3-4 months
Harvest mature compost by sieving it