Healing the Planet & habitats
Welcome to Hara Jeeven, where we strive to create a sustainable and harmonious world through various environmental initiatives.

Our Vision

Restoration of natural elements and improved human psyche for complimenting the cause

Our Mission

To plant 10 million trees by 2040 and help sustain 60% landmass of green coverage.
Help process waste to its respective roots, equivalent to 60% waste Re-engineering.

Area of Expertise

Native Tree Plantation

At Harajeevan, we prioritize native tree plantation as it plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance. Native trees are well adapted to the local climate, soil conditions, and support the growth of native wildlife. By planting native tree species, we promote biodiversity, restore natural habitats, and create a resilient ecosystem. Our dedicated team carefully selects and plants a diverse range of native trees, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Urban Forest

Our urban forest initiative aims to transform concrete jungles into thriving green spaces. By creating urban forests, we enhance the quality of urban life and mitigate the effects of pollution. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with local communities, we establish green pockets within cities, fostering a sense of connection with nature. These urban forests provide recreational spaces, improve air quality, reduce heat island effects, and create havens for urban wildlife.

Miyawaki Forests

Much suited for urban settings, the Miyawaki technique of creating forests rests on the concept of imitating the requirements of a natural forest on land that has been previously used for other purposes. Since it involves the installation of local plants and the soil is assessed for quality before the plantation takes place, this method has been known to provide a variety of benefits over traditional foresting. It attracts all kinds of flora and helps improve air quality, apart from other such advantages. This even ensures that plant growth is 10 X faster and the resulting plantation is 30 X denser than usual regular plantation method.

Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration endeavors to foster the revival, initiation, or expeditious rejuvenation of a disturbed ecosystem. Hara Jeevan aims to attempt this through the methods of reforestation and remediation, that focus on plantation in sites damaged by various factors as well as adoption of green belts and increasing green cover of forests respectively. Such methods allow stability for both flora and fauna alike in a rapidly changing world.


Composting is an integral part of our waste management strategy. We promote the conversion of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, reducing landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Our composting process involves the collection and segregation of organic waste, which is then transformed into compost through natural decomposition. The resulting compost is utilized to nourish our plantations, promoting healthy soil and sustainable agricultural practices.

Waste Re-engineering

We are committed to effective waste management practices that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our comprehensive waste management approach includes waste reduction, recycling, and responsible disposal. By implementing innovative techniques and technologies, we aim to process waste to its respective roots, minimizing the impact on the environment. Our goal is to create a circular economy where waste is treated as a valuable resource, ensuring a cleaner and healthier future.

We Take Action to Make Better Changes

HARA JEEVAN is 8 year NCR based non-profit organization established in 2015. It works for the betterment of our environment and spreading awareness about it. With the group of 30 team members, ranging from professionals (IIT – Engineers, MBAs, CA, Scientist, Environmentalists, Retired professor, Educationist, Students) to Homemakers, the organization aims to ‘Give-Back’ to our mother Earth by conducting Tree plantation, Solid waste management, Water body restoration and enlightening the youth about pure, clean and green environment.

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Our Projects


An Egis Consultancy CSR initiative, involved transforming a half-kilometer Delhi-Jaipur highway stretch. It included manual and machine-based waste removal, planting diverse flora, erecting protective barriers, and fostering biodiversity. The project collaborated with the Municipal Corporation for sanitation, established bird houses, and promoted sustainability through "best out of waste" campaigns. It culminated in a zero waste run, advocating a healthy lifestyle and environment.


Under Project Vasudhara, Hara Jeevan, in collaboration with Hero Future Energies, planted fruit as well as flowering trees in Government New Law College, Indore. These trees served multiple functions beyond aesthetics and resources for the students as well as the staff, encompassing educational value and contributing to the expansion of greenery in the area.

Hara Vidyalaya (GenNext)

At Hara Vidyalaya, we promote waste composting, organic farming and sustainable agricultural practices. Through training programs, workshops, and demonstrations, we empower individuals to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. The students become torch bearers for their respected families which creates a much bigger impact in behavioral change about waste re-engineering - no plastic.

Harit Kranti

Hara Jeevan adopted 14 villages in the Jhajjhar district of Haryana and distributed approximately 8000 grafted fruit trees to farmers in the area. The farmers were informed of the significance of fruit trees and how these plantations can effectively bring changes to their lives, through commercial and personal use.

NDMC - door to door campaign of Northwest Delhi

Hara Jeevan conducted door-to-door campaigns in 15 sectors of Rohini to disseminate information and raise awareness about the Model Ward 58, an initiative by the Municipal Corporation. This initiative focuses on waste collection and segregation. The NDMCD presented Hara Jeevan with an appreciation award for its contribution in 2020.

Green Gifting

Cities are concrete jungles, consuming energy and producing waste. Instead of traditional gifts that may be disposable or have negative environmental impacts, green gifts prioritize eco-conscious choices that benefit both the recipient and the planet. Hara Jeevan targets corporates, offices and schools with this eco-friendly practice.

Creating Harmony Between Humans and Nature

At Harajeevan, we are passionate about ushering in a green revolution and creating a sustainable future. Through our ongoing projects, we are actively working towards transforming communities, promoting eco-friendly practices, and fostering a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Join us on our mission to build a greener, more resilient world.

We're on a mission to protect our beloved environment!

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Wall Painting

We propagate even beautification and Wall Painting  activities in lanes and bylanes of not so well kept residential areas done by corporate volunteers filled with incredible enthusiasm and complete the creative task to spread the message of beautiful nature and what smile it can bring to passerby. Painting a wall at a temperature hovering about 40deg did not deter the volunteers, filled with incredible enthusiasm Maverick employees completed the creative task to spread message of beautiful nature and what smile it can bring to passerby. Contributing to clean back lane campaign of Municipal Corporation Gurugram volunteers painted the street wall of Jharsa village .

Green Run

Run for better tomorrow.
For better health and better environment, Egis India, MCG and Hara Jeevan organized this run with day marked with plantation at green belt ARANYA and spreading message of zero waste drives .


Hara Jeevan regularly conducts plogging, an exercise where litter on the road is picked up by volunteers. The purpose of this activity is to spread awareness about the significance of cleanliness and also to promote physical fitness among the volunteers. The litter is then directed towards recycling, contributing to environmental sustainability. vilal Park Sec 22, Gurugram with Airbnb. It was a great experience cleaning the park and sending message to all visitors to keep it clean. All volunteers pledged not to throw their waste elsewhere besides dustbins.

Seed balls

These balls containing seeds of native varieties are used where large scale plantation is difficult. The process of creating these seed balls encourages greater participation and involvement from individuals.

plantation drives

Hara Jeevan conducts drives that involve organized efforts to plant trees and vegetation in specific areas, such as parks, urban spaces, or deforested regions. These initiatives aim to increase green cover, combat climate change, restore ecosystems, and enhance the overall environmental health.

Bird House Making

Bird house making is the process of constructing small structures specifically designed to provide nesting sites for birds. It is done to foster bird conservation by creating suitable habitats, attracting a variety of bird species to your yard, and providing an opportunity for bird watching and learning about avian behavior.

Nature walk

Hara Jeevan consistently conducts nature walks through natural surroundings, such as forests, parks, or trails. It offers an opportunity to connect with nature, observe wildlife, and appreciate the beauty of the environment. Nature walks provide physical exercise, relaxation, and a chance to learn about local flora and fauna, making them an enjoyable and educational experience.

Waste to Art and Artifacts

Waste to art and artifacts is the creative transformation of discarded materials into unique and aesthetically pleasing pieces. This process not only reduces waste and promotes recycling but also showcases the potential beauty and value in repurposed items. It encourages sustainable practices and encourages people to rethink their perspective on waste.


Bioenzyme refers to a biologically derived catalyst that aids in the breakdown of organic matter. They are made by fermenting fruit or vegetable peels with sugar and water, resulting in an eco-friendly solution that is effective in breaking down organic substances. It is a natural alternative to chemical-based cleaning agents and has various applications in household cleaning, waste management, and agriculture. As for plants, these enzymes stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, promoting a healthier root environment and overall plant growth.

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Growing beautifully. Whenever I happen to go that side I stop for 5 minutes to appreciate the results of your efforts. I appreciate the journey and contributions of Hara Jeevan in involving many people to make the environment greener and healthier. God bless you. 🙌🙌
Mrs Susham Sood
ExPrincipal KV
on urban forest vikaspuri delhi

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