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Green gifting:Memorable and Environment-Friendly

Gifting can become memorable, especially when it is green (Noble to nature and for our heart too). It creates lower environment impact and on personal budget too. Our NGO provides this fantastic service of green gifting product which are hand picked, fresh, healthy, pest free and quality checked. We guarantee strong, sturdy, easy to carry and also eco friendly green gifting products. Plants are the symbol of trust and love, so why not show your loved one that how much you love them by gifting plants. Our NGO has this Marvellous utility of providing potted plants, seeds, seed cards, balls and DIY terrarium on birthdays, farewell,kitty parties, to mark achievements and housewarming party.

Plantation and Regeneration Projects: Growing Life

The essence of life lies in planting trees. At Hara Jeevan NGO, we are dedicated to providing people with happy and healthy lives by planting more trees. Trees are the backbone of all essential services, from providing food and oxygen to offering aesthetic beauty and wood. Through various plantation drives, we sow native trees and spread awareness in society. Join us in the journey of responsible citizenship to make India greener and healthier.

Nature Experiences: Embrace the Green

What we see is what we learn, and what we learn is what we do. At Hara Jeevan NGO, we promote environmental awareness using diverse, interactive, and pragmatic methods. Join our tree walks, nature walks, organic farm visits, farm trips, and biodiversity park tours to appreciate the wonders of nature and cultivate a sense of duty towards the environment. Immerse yourself in green surroundings for a peaceful and introspective experience.

Green Spaces: Breathing Life into Your Home and Workplace

A green environment means fresh air and a healthy life. Make your home and workplace green with our fabulous services, including kitchen gardening and indoor planting. Our range of seed balls, potted plants, and horters will transform any space into a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment. Green is the prime color of the world, and we aim to enhance the welfare of people by creating greener living spaces.

Workshops, Webinars, Educational Programs: Learning for a Greener Future

Education is the key to a sustainable future. At Hara Jeevan NGO, we conduct workshops, webinars, and educational programs to inspire people, especially the youth, to actively participate in green activities. Our initiative “Hara Vidyalaya” has become a widely-used platform in schools and colleges, engaging children in green activities and environmental learning. Join us as interns or volunteers to contribute to the cause.